Side Hung casement windows are hinged at the side and crank outward. They’re often installed over sinks, countertops, lounge or bed rooms but can be placed anywhere in the home. They open sideways on either left or right based upon the location of your window


  • Easy to open and close with single handle in the center
  • Easy clean feature available to clean outside of glass units standing inside
  • Opening available at 90 degrees to achieve fire exit openings on top floors
  • Smooth operation with single keyed locking handle available in various colours
  • Fitted with BS (British Std.) compliant Friction stays
  • Openers available with Child restrictor facility for extra security
  • Side hung windows are wide open from top to bottom and side-to-side providing excellent natural ventilation and light
  • Available in variety of colours like anodized, wood finish and RAL colours
  • Most energy-efficient after fixed-pane windows. The window vent presses against the frame on closing, creating an airtight seal. This helps prevent air entry and leakage
  • Available with both single point Cockspur locking & multipoint Espag locking
  • 2 point locking kips (on Espag locking) provides extra ventilation while your window is closed and secured
  • Outstanding foul weather performance with weather rated wool pile fitted all round the opener and the frame
  • Available in both single & double glazing options which can accommodate 6mm to 28mm of various types of glazing
  • All windows to have effective drainage mechanism to drain out water accumulated (if any) due to condensation within frames. Drain holes covered with effective plastic drain caps.
  • Sizes available:
    Min 400 to Max 600 in Width
    Min 400 to Max 1300 in Height