Go Green

The CO2 emissions you could prevent over a 10 years period would be equivalent to the CO2 exhaust emissions for a car driving twice around the world.

Saving Year after Year
Homeowners can save a great deal, every year on energy bills

The average Indian household loses around Rs 40,000* worth of energy every year. A good deal of this wasted energy and money is lost through the windows. It’s a fact, poorly insulated windows leak heat and money into the street; which is bad for your pocket as well as your carbon footprint. Up to 30% of heat in a home is lost through its windows. Energy efficient windows can reduce this by a staggering 94%, helping you to save energy and money on your bills. Recent calculations by the Glass and Glazing Federation show that there are significant savings to be made from upgrading to energy rated windows.
*Log on to www.ggf.co.uk and use the ‘Carbon Calculator’ to find out exactly how much you could be saving each year!

Invisible Improvements
These thermal images show the difference that can be made by installing energy rated windows. You can see the heat dissipating through the frame and glass, (the red and orange areas). By removing your old, ineffective windows and replacing them with new ultra-energy efficient windows from VRB, you can save both energy and money, as well as cut down on your carbon emissions.

The type of energy efficient windows you ultimately choose would be based primarily on the climate for the state in which you live but ease of cleaning and personal preference would be other factors. VRB windows are extremely lightweight, the frame would not split or warp, nor would it ever need to be painted. However, if contractor grade aluminium replacement windows were chosen, you would be challenged with heat and cold transfer.

Going green is easier than ever, Get started today on your homes and start saving money & the planet.