A fixed casement window cannot be opened like a regular casement. It is a window that is used to allow sunlight into the room.


  • Fixed window can be a window on its own with no openers
  • It can also go next to a Side or Top hung window
  • There is almost no size restriction to fixed windows
  • Based upon the sizes, they give you excellent view of the outside standing inside the property
  • Provides excellent weather rating as they are completely sealed by EPDM rubber gaskets both from within & outside
  • They can also be glazed with obscure glass which prevents someone from peeping in & simultaneously allowing natural daylight inside the room
  • They can be internally beaded by fixing in DUMMY VENTS which is an extra security feature for your window
  • DUMMY VENTS do not actually open but look like OPENERS from outside the property which gives equal glass sight lines to your window. This feature enhances the aesthetics of your windows manifold
  • Available in both single & double glazing options which can accommodate 6mm to 28mm of various types of glazing
  • All windows to have effective drainage mechanism to drain out water accumulated (if any) due to condensation within frames. Drain holes covered with effective plastic drain caps.