Beading is an important component of an aluminium window which holds the glazing intact. Our window beadings are designed to fit easily and sealed tight with EPDM gaskets to seal the glazing tight enough to give excellent weather performance.


In this case the glass is fitted from outside of the window and then the beading is fitted on top of it. Before the bead sits in there is a SLIDE IN wedge gasket applied on the beading which holds the glass tightly. And after that the glass is glazed from all four sides with wedge gasket from inside of the window. Normally this is a safe practice and beadings cannot be removed from outside once glazed properly. But with increased burglary incidents nowadays, external beading is not considered to be the safest glazing option.

Here the intention is not to scare you but only to brief you with the difference in types of glazing options available with VRB

But with big size projects the option of externally beaded windows tend to keep the cost of windows considerably lower. At the same time, if fitted on upper floors the maintenance becomes equally lengthy & dearer.


Here the glass is fitted from inside of the window and the beading is fitted on top of it. Now the make of the aluminium profiles is such that to glaze the window internally an opener (or vent) is to be fitted compulsorily. Only then the window can be internally beaded. Where ever there are fixed panel, we need to fix DUMMY VENTS and then the glazing can be done internally. This gives you a more secured glazing compared to externally beaded and also gives you equal glass sight lines from outside which enhances the aesthetics of your window and also your elevation.

At VRB, we also offer a comparatively cheaper option of INTERNAL BEAD ADAPTOR on casement windows which makes your windows internally beaded and also contains the cost considerably compared to the option of Dummy Vents. With large size projects this option can bring your cost down drastically.